This word “Strength” and the phrase “Overcoming Life Difficulties” immediately jumped off my page; its significance brought upon a bold and commanding presence.

Even if you do not feel its appropriateness right at this moment, let me assure you, the time will come where you will be able to embrace its existence.

Ladies, the inner strength that you possess allows you to seek peace and to regain back your self-control of whom you are; while sustaining the destiny that is presently before you.

I admire you for enduring what you experienced all the while, developing your inner strength and perseverance. You had the endowment to pull yourself and your thoughts together to conclude what would be your subsequent action in your quest of discovering who you are.

This remarkable vitality wakes you up in the morning with an entirely new outlook on life. No longer will your heart be saddened; moreover trying to understand how to reclaim life’s direction. You’ve taken the opportunity to nurture your mind, body, and soul, and with that, you have developed and mapped out your destiny.

Photo by Lakeisha Bennett on Unsplash

Life will always pitch us a curveball; no one said it would be easy going nor exempt from it. You have defeated many difficulties that were not justified. Bravely, you tackled and conquered each obstacle one at a time. We are all a work in progress. The past will always be with you. Even so, it does not have to consume you and your future.

What Represents Inner Strength To You? In What Way?