Most women wonder about their life purpose now and then. Do we have one? If so, what is it? Are we living it?  Feeling as if you have little to no purpose doesn’t feel very good. In fact, it can send some people into a downward tailspin, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and sad.

If you’re at a spot in life where you’re just not sure what your purpose is, or you’re not really passionate about anything and feeling apathetic, I assure you that you can get to where you find a meaningful result-driven outcome for your life. 

It’s possible to get to the point in life where you are genuinely excited at a deeper level about life in general. Maybe you won’t know your most significant purpose, but you can get to where you have an idea of what your passions are, and you’re doing things that you love consistently- even if it’s at a slow pace.

Whether you’re 20 or 70, if you’re living your life feeling like you have some sort of purpose, your being tends to be more meaningful. You’ll undoubtedly experience happy feelings more often.

How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

Maybe you’re questioning why you are here on this planet, if your response is yes, this article is for you. If you are reading this and you’re skeptical about the whole life purpose thing, this is for you too. Keep an open mind, because when you open yourself up with the intent to discover nuggets of wisdom or more about yourself, you’re more apt to do so.

Also, keep in mind that you likely have more than one purpose in life. Justifiably, if you’re looking for only one, you may become frustrated. Now, you may have a primary life purpose that stands tall over others. This is quite common. Think of the doctor whose primary goal is to operate on those that need help or the teacher who is passionate about teaching children. Or even the mother who feels so passionate about raising her children. There are many people who feel they have one primary purpose, and that’s wonderful!

Primary Purpose Of Love

If you can’t figure out any other purpose, we’re all here to PURPOSE to love ourselves and others. Heck, if that’s all you do, kudos to you. That’ pretty big and commendable. Day in and day out, if we’re all provided the opportunity to show up as LOVE to our spouses, partners, children, friends, co-workers, store clerks, and so on. Our primary LOVE PURPOSE is essential!

Steps To Finding Your Life Purpose

When you’re hunkering down to pinpoint your primary purpose or purposes in life, there are some great questions you can ask yourself or tips to tackle to get going in the right direction. Consider the following:

Go Within
Take time to dive deep within. This means getting quiet regularly, such as in meditation, and just allowing yourself to be.  Remove your attachment to any outcome too. Only let your mind with all its thoughts to slow down for a bit, so you’re more receptive to receiving some clarity from a higher source

Write Down What Excites You
Get a piece of paper out and jot down the things that excite you or that you’re passionate about. What are you most passionate about?  Which topics do you like to read about?  Getting back to basics; what projects or self-development techniques inspired you, yet you’re not doing them anymore? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and write them down. Then, contemplate the answers. You should start to get a clearer picture of the types of things that could be part (or all) of your life purpose.

Ask Others
Ask your friends and family members what they think you’re good at. What is it that they see you thriving in? Sometimes it takes someone on the outside looking in to help you see where your strengths and natural talents are

Hire A Coach
Life coaches can work wonders in helping you get clear in various areas of your life. Discovering your life purpose is one.  Find yourself a spiritual, or career coach that resonates with you and work with them for a period. They’ll likely have handy worksheets and exercises for you to work through to gain insight and clarity regarding your life purpose.

Contribute To Humanity
There are plenty of volunteer opportunities out there.  Decide on various ways you can contribute to humanity, focusing on those in need.  There are soup kitchens, nonprofits, and churches, for example. The selfless giving helps others, but it may also help you in determining what your value and life purpose may be.

Here’s what Richard Leider says about purpose:
“Purpose is the conscious choice of what, where, and how to make a positive contribution to our world. It is the theme, quality, or passion we choose to center our lives around.”

Whether that’s in terms of work or personal time, you can consciously choose what your most prominent life purposes are and just jump on in and start doing it!  Thinking about life purpose is one thing, but actually doing it is another.

Get your toes wet and then jump in, and you’ll find in no time you’re feeling more fulfilled on all levels.