In most cases for women Survivors of childhood abuse and trauma, the world may seem lonely, unforgiving and complicated. EMERGED WOMAN, PPR was explicitly designed for that woman who is still hiding behind the shadows and too afraid to unveil herself.

Deneen’s BIO

Deneen R. Whitaker Trauma Healing Coach Founder of Emerged Woman, PPR
She is the mastermind of the Rise Above The Ashes: Reclaim Your Hope, Trust & Love Signature Program which specializes in helping women survivors of childhood abuse and trauma to heal their physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

  • Having overcome her own experiences with childhood abuse and trauma of her own, gave Deneen the passion for acquiring training and certification to assist women survivors in discovering their inner strengths and values.
  • She is a woman of God who has been given the privilege to speak, teach, write, minister and encourages women from various walks of life. Her first ministry is her family complete with her supportive parents, two daughters, a son, and two beautiful granddaughters.
  • She started her coaching business in 2013 as a support to women in creating a life that reflects their courage, confidence, wisdom, and the ability to follow their purpose and passion.
  • Alongside her coaching business, Deneen has over 20 years’ experience in her current corporate profession of Senior Risk Management.

Deneen is available for individual services, group programs, seminars as well as private consultations. You can reach Deneen at:


Two 60 Minute Private Action Planning Session $197

We meet to talk about where you are in your coaching journey and set an action plan for moving forward. At the end of our session, you'll have a set of steps you know you can implement to learn how to shift your approach with relationships, friends, family, and significate others, by repairing past resentments and feelings of unlove.

Two-Months Private Sessions $297

We meet for 8 sessions 90-minutes bi-weekly, for a transformational, custom-made, and results-oriented encounter. We will set clear goals and the precise Strategy Plan for your success. We will choose an important topic to work on more deeply. The ultimate goal is to gain clarity, inner balance, focus, calm, and a high level of self-confidence to improve all areas of your life significantly.

Three Months Private Sessions $1500

We meet for 12 sessions over three months in learning how to peel back the layers of self-doubt, fear, shame, guilt, flashbacks, and whatever else is holding you back from being who you are rather than secretly hiding a false version of yourself that you present to the world.