Common Emotions Triggered by a Crisis

Are you struggling to deal with your emotions after a crisis? Going through any crisis can trigger a wide range of emotions. While it’s totally normal, dealing with these emotional effects can be extremely difficult. Here, we’ll look at which emotions are most commonly triggered by a crisis. Understanding how a crisis impacts emotions can […]

Life’s Calling: 5 Practical Steps To Finding Your Purpose

Most women wonder about their life purpose now and then. Do we have one? If so, what is it? Are we living it?  Feeling as if you have little to no purpose doesn’t feel very good. In fact, it can send some people into a downward tailspin, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and sad. If you’re […]

The Gladiolus Flower: The Symbolization of Strength & Overcoming Life Difficulties

This word “Strength” and the phrase “Overcoming Life Difficulties” immediately jumped off my page; its significance brought upon a bold and commanding presence. Even if you do not feel its appropriateness right at this moment, let me assure you, the time will come where you will be able to embrace its existence. Ladies, the inner […]

Pulling Down Strongholds: Leveling Up To Who You Are

What is a stronghold?An incorrect thinking pattern that has molded itself into our way of thinking; These patterns can affect us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Many women who have reached the survivor phase in recovering from childhood abuse and trauma; experience feelings of inferiority or exclusion from society, where they may fear they will […]

How To Become A Confident & Independent Woman

I believe every woman has a burning desire to be that confident woman who has it all together to the point where she dominates the atmosphere when she enters the room. On the contrary, if you are the woman, who has not yet made her debut; no worries! Help is on the way, keep reading. […]