Deneen R. Whitaker is a Trauma Healing Coach for women who specializes in helping women survivors of childhood abuse and trauma heal by overcoming their loss of safety, repairing relationships with family, breaking down negative belief patterns, and overcoming self-doubt and fear, so that they can live the life they always deserve.

Deneen is the creator & mastermind behind Rise Above The Ashes: Reclaim Your Hope, Trust & Love Signature Program.

She works with an extraordinary group of women, and they are women survivors of childhood abuse and trauma. Deneen chose this field; well, let’s rephrase that; the Lord selected Deneen in becoming a liaison for these brave women. Deneen knows all too well their struggles, their loss of trust in others, and the anxieties that keep them up at night. Deneen can relate because she is a trauma survivor, as well. Having to overcome her own experiences with childhood abuse and trauma is where her passion for assisting women survivors discover their inner strength, beauty, and recognizing the value of who they are.

She is a woman of God who has been given the privilege to speak, teach, write, minister, and encourages women from various walks of life. Her first ministry is her family, complete with her supportive parents, two daughters, a son, and two beautiful granddaughters.

She started her coaching business in 2013 as a support to women in creating a life that reflects their courage, confidence, wisdom, and the ability to follow their passions.

Alongside her coaching business, Deneen has over 24 years’ experience in her current corporate profession of Risk Management.

Deneen’s available for individual services, group programs, seminars as well as private consultations. You can reach Deneen at