Not wanting to see another woman struggling with shame, frustration, grief-stricken, brokenness, or lack of self-care, we were compelled to provide these survivors with a soulful solution and journey from darkness to light. As a result, we have designed Rise Above The Ashes: Reclaim Your Hope, Trust & Love a five-phase framework that will guide survivors on how to remove the strongholds of childhood abuse and trauma, by discovering their inner strength, beauty, and value. 

You are the draftswoman of your thoughts, emotions, decisions, goals, and behaviors. EMERGED WOMAN, PPR is here to walk alongside you through the healing process.

Do you have a straightforward response to the five inquiries below? If so, your entire life is aligned the way you structured it. However, if you cannot confidently respond to the below comments, do not worry, allow me the opportunity to help you discover how to configure these valuable characteristics back into your life.

      1. I know who I am.
      2. I know my purpose in life.
      3. I am not afraid to tell my story.
      4. I have self-confidence with the decisions I make.
      5. I am living in the present.

EMERGED WOMAN, PPR  goal is to transform the lives of our clients by empowering them through the process of breaking free of limitations, maximizing their full potential, remembering their forgotten dreams and fulfilling their higher purpose.

Our areas of expertise are in identity development, identity renewal, self-awareness, spirituality, restored self-esteem, overcoming and managing anxiety and much more.

EMERGED WOMAN, PPR is here to encourage you every step of the way and to celebrate with you as each barrier blocker is being eradicated.

    • Are you ready for your life transformation?
    • Today is the day that you rewrite your story.




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